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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 28, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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today. if news breaks out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything. the dow has had better days. it's off a few. cavuto will have explaining coming up. >> welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. you're looking at your world and a world of hurt for anyone interested in buying stocks and thinking they can make money. today not the case. china has a lot to do with that and concerns its factory sector is slowing downful with china we don't know what is up because we can't trust the numbers we're getting from there. suffice to say this was a day that had a lot of folks wondering what the heck is going on, barely holding above the 16,000 level. they really were not buying stocks today. that we know. but we already saw just for today, which is fascinating, some high-flying names like yahoo!, down more than 5.5%. a single day loss. fit bit down close to 5%. so then you're probably asking
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yourself, well, where was the money going? i will tell you this much. it what not going into oil. if you're concerned about a slowdown in the global economy and with china's eruptions, no surprise that oil would keep slipslidingaway. the caveat is that might be good for you at the pump about for now not good for the global economy. out might say what about gold? a safe haven sometimes. this was the largest daily drop in gold in about three weeks. so they weren't going to gold. where were they going? if you're nervous and don't know if you can have any money at all, would you accept a 2.09% yield? you would today. because a lot of money was flocking to bonds and the safety of just having the backing of uncle sam because in this globe, uncle sam and that backing does doesn't for something. so people looking forward to lower interest rates, refinancing, your ship just came
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in hate to nag that anytime one market goes down and this shows you where the major averages of, we're well into correction territory. takes a 20% drop from the highs to get to the bear market territory. i hasten to ad, have the s&p 500 stocks are in their market territory. so, you need a break, right? well, donald trump time this brilliantly, a tax break, big one, rates back to reagan and half the people in the country not having to worry about paying taxes at all. we can get into the details of his plan but i refer my guests start picking apart through. it dave maneey does not like the friend. larry grazer and jeri willis do. the first headline is dramatically rates. seven to four, one start as one percent.
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that's call boon rate. >> that's right. this would promote growth. no doubt. itself there's anything trump gets right here it's incentivizing growth, incentivizing work. let's face it. if you have poo 5% of your -- 50 poverty your public taken in taxes it's not a big incentive to work. her wants people to be incentivized to work, spend, invest, sock it away. and i think that's fantastic of but the devil i always in the details and i think some of us have big questions of the big headline for most folks today is the "i win" portion of this, right? half of americans would pay zero. we're calling zero a tax bracket. this is the first time i realized that zero is a tax bracket. >> the logic for that is that if you individualry will you earn $25,000 or less or couples earning 50,000 or less but you pay other taxes and shouldn't have a federal income tax burden. that's well and good. my only concern is i think everyone should have some skin in the game, and half the paying
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public doesn't, i don't think it should be a lot. could be as low as one, two, three percent but some skip in the game so you can monitor the game. >> neil, i think regardless of how you feel about donald trump, most americans would agree that our archaic tax code is in badly need of repair and overhaul. this plan has several benefits. one it does provide relief to the million of hard working americans who have been subsidizing this recovery all along. through zero percent interest rates, savings they're not getting any return on. so they'll at least get some relief from the tax policy, but the bigger issue will be the benefit to economic growth. it's going to compel companies to bring back the $2.1 trillion worth of modify that is stashed overseas by apple, by google, by microsoft -- >> well, that goats -- i want to raise that with dave. here's where it gets weird. the companies that hold all the money abroad, $2 trillion, they
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would be incentivized to bring that back. i think it's 10% rate. >> right. >> that would pay for this right up front. but there are other ways you begin to wonder how he does pay for it. how much of the money would come back? and then the question becomes, what about these reduced deductions for the very wealthy that haven't been spelled out today and probably will be, but we don't have a lot of details here. what do you think? >> i wouldn't guess at all they necessarily while be. -- will be. it's a very trumpyian plan. it's four pains. and that is it, and it's a narrative document. >> three pages too many. >> it is like a farmer's field for growing loopholes. it has these remarkable sort of areas in which there is no detail, and which there is clearly going to be a gigantic
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load of misbehavior and unintended consequences -- >> i think it's establish in the right direction. jerryi, i think we need a huge catalyst and a big tax cut -- you can play class warfare -- do that. >> lower taxes spur growth no doubt. we have seen it happen before and two other pieces of really big news in here for consumers. the death tax dies. alternative minimum tax dies good news for regular americans. >> larry, people say you're getting resulted of tacks, quite a few, how are you making up for that? what do you say? >> the current system so hypocritical created by special interests. like a franken stein event. this will simply identify -- take the special interests out of the game so get back to providing benefits where creates growth. he's talking about lowering
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corporate tax rates. what a great thing to stimulate the economy, get rid of the gamed that companies play to hide money to circumvent the tax coat -- >> dave, your argument, dave, is he doesn't do that. he plays fast and loose with some stuff. right. >> my argument is at its heart it's an extremely conventional republican taksim my fix indication plan. fine. then there's little buried nuggets like the repatriation tax, this weird 15% tax if you're an individual income earner instead of an employee, which would cause everybodied a goldman sachs to become an independent contractor. it's insanity. >> well, i'll put you down as a maybe on it, dave. larry, thank you. jeri, goes without saying. one being the know about donald trump not all business titans are big fans but not all are in that camp, including one carl icahn for whom the donald himself has high praise.
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>> i have carl icahn ready. killer. >> i have carl ike can. i have the best business leader derek. >> carl ache kahn is a great yorkor dierks yeasting people like -- >> carl icahn is going to work with me. >> well i hate to break it to the donald because if he is a waiting for carl icahn to join his cab -- cabinet hi might have to hold on. he does like what he is hearing out of donald trump. take a look. >> sounds to me like trump is your candidate. >> he is. i think he's the best by far of any of thieves guys. >> okay. >> definitely is. somebody could come along who is genius in business, maybe, or maybe i disagree with trump on certain issues and will talk to him about it but right now he is definitely my candidate. there's nobody close. >> that's from carl icahn.
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i should say, children guard you're ears because the is rather frank and to the point but we have things -- that's how he see thursday and emcalls them. one of the world's most kessful stock market players and takeover artists in the history of these markets and capitalism itself. carl icahn, my special guest tomorrow on fbn. in the meantime, the run congressman who helped bring down really a republican titan, on what he makes now of another one who just went down as well. after this. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause
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this plan never had a chance. >> beware false prophets. does this make this guy one of them? the virginia republican who toppled an institution in eric cantor and became a united states congressman again all odds and against all predicts. the good congressman joining me right now. i think he is saying guys like you are false prophets. >> i think at love on john boehner as a man. we went to seminary so i know a little bit about false prophets, and speaker boehner himself along with eric cantor made a pledge to america on paper. th thing think is is about putting your idea on paper. speaker boehner and majority leader cantor made a pledge to america to replace obamacare, reform fannie and freddie and for sanctions in iran, role back
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nondiscretionary spending so who pet the expectations? the speaker and eric cantor set the expectations when they were running for office and i hope they mean to keep our promises when we put them in leadership and -- >> i understand what you're saying, sir. i think you have heard the rap. there's only so much someone can do if you don't have the two-thirds majority, dealing with a president in the white house, you're quite right to say if you hadn't telegraphed the lem additions. that do you want to see now? is kevin mccarthy the guy most likely name as a possible replacement for speaker boehner, your guy or would who would you be for? >> it's not about being clever if mean it. when you own the house and the senate you have the power of the purse, and so speaker boehner said -- i said we would fight tooth and nail on president obama's unstucksal amnesty. if we had, two majorities in the house and senate and i meant is,
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boehner said. what is at risk is the rule of law and the sanctity of america's constitution. that is pretty heavy duty. peter ross, we got together on the iran deal, and as soon as peter came in with some suggestions, the 30 or 40 in our group, we all got together and all of a sudden the republican party did unify and we found some smart lawyers in the back room and came one creative new ideas how to move forward on iran. that's one -- >> i know. he has been mentioned as a possible future speaker. would you support him? he is a special guest of ours tomorrow. what do you think of him? >> i ran on the republican creed in virginia and i'm sear yours about putting your ideas on paper. will support the candidate who comes closest 0 to the six principles in the republican creed of virginia, and in the pledge to america that our own lead -- >> okay so if you have a choice, who comes close center. >> i don't know yet.
1:16 pm
we'll interview all the candidates and get them to see what they will put down on paper. not just for us but to the american people. >> understood. >> many people talked about loyalty to institution but the institution is set up for the american people. >> congressman, your critics have seated -- seized on this and said well the angry inmates have taken over the asylum, disavow them of that notion. >> that's a false narrative. on the budget, everybody is worried bat shutdown. not going to be a shutdown if the planned parenthood films are awful but that's a shiny object that the end of the debate. our own team and our own leadership announced we were going to break the pumping cap four months ago. planned parenthood only came up about a month ago. so, we know what was happening on the budget when the press comes to me and asks me on the budget you say disabuse them of that. i ask the pre who is in charge of the budget? the budget committee is not. the passed a budget that balance
1:17 pm
inside ten years. the next stage they're not in on the deal. barbara mull cull ski is telling us we should bust the caps and she is in the room. so year going to do a cc until december and then in december the left and roo right throw in the kitchen sink, the false prophets i'm in the vest about are the false profits on wall street. if export-import makes it into the budget the american people -- >> i understand. you really are a smart guy. know you're professor. let me ask you, would it be worth a government shutdown to stand for principles on these issuing specifically the planned parenthood situation. >> if you're smart, you can think six months ahead, the democrats appear to have lawyers who can think two decades ahead. i'm dying for us to pull the smart lawyers out and make plans so we do not run --
1:18 pm
>> days ahead. where do you stand? >> who put us in this? the leadership. responsible for being here. if you want to put these ideas down on paper six months ahead of time we'll be in much better shape. >> congressman, always good having you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. that is -- if you think about it, it was his defeat in a primary against eric cantor that prompted speaker boehner delay his decision for more than a year. he was planning to leave but said that defeat, that victory changed everything. now we know. you have heard a lot about people who are surging in the polls. in these latest polls. we want to focus on the one who is not. the very big name. who even some donors are beginning to have very big questions about after this.
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well, if ben carson was ever hurt by the comments he made about never wanting to see a muslim in the white house, these polls have a funny way of showing it. this reflects voters' preferences for the first and second favorite candidates candd look who is on top. ben carson. what does that mean? what are we to take away from that? so many polls out. i tend to took these ones where you ask, okay, can't get me first choice, or my second choice, look who is on top and look at those three top candidates. up in of. the with a lick a traditional polite:er experience, larry? >> it's the outer year. -- outsider year, you're seeing that with the replacement of maybe kevin mccarthy for john boehner. the year of the outsider, and not the insider.
1:23 pm
and you can look at the numbers that you just put up on the screen, you can also focus on the other side of the ledger, who lost ground, and that person of course is jeb bush. >> what are we to make of that? jeb bush did better in the second debate than the first but he is being eclipsed by the other names who did slightly better or grabbed the media attention. smart guys like you remind me it's still early. four years ago, herman cain and michelle bachman had their 15 minutes but it's been more than 15 minutes for these nonconventional candidates. what do you make of that? >> what's i think disturbing for jeb bush is his support is actually been cut in half since the middle of the summer. he was at 14%, now 7%. that's got to cause them a lot of worry because, of course, he is the best known name, it's a near 100% name recognition, they say they don't know the real jeb bush but it's a combination of
1:24 pm
things. much of the best thinks he is too moderate on issues like immigration. they're reacting negatively to the dynasty issue. if people are antiestablishment this year, then why would they pick the ultimate establishment name when that family has already been in charge of the white house for 12 years? having said that, i'm going to remind you once again, jeb bush has more money virtually than all of the other candidates put together. he has -- >> minus donald trump. >> even more than hillary clinton on the democratic side. he is -- jeb bush is in a good position to wage a war of attrition all the we through the june primaries if he wants to. >> but donald trump has more money than all of these guys put together. so, does that -- >> if he spends it. >> right. >> if he spends it. i'm not convinced that he is going to spend that much. why spend money when he can get millions of dollars of free
1:25 pm
publicity every time he send out a tweet? >> you're right. thank you very much. i like to remind you, it's still very, very early. i wanted to peek at the dow one more time. we had over 16,000 level. i'm getting e-mails from friend inside in the business. i apologize. i have friends in the business. er and taling me i can't stress enough our unusual and significant it is was that we held 16,000 today. when i asked why, they just say it's very unusual. i have noal what that means. we had traded below that of 15,000. tomorrow then what will way say? i don't know. more and more playing out of donald trump and how he handled this and get the markets become on stable footing, after this. can a business have a mind?
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♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work. by engineering a better way for people, process and technology to work together. work can work better. with xerox. everyone tucking about donald trump's tax cut plan. why isn't talking about that bigger announcement today. not about how much the government is taking. how much it is spending. we will after this.
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♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. we just spent a million dollars building the soccer field. okay? a soccer field for our prisoners that happen to be in guantanamo, okay? i don't like that. what do you need a million dollars for. level out the surface, let them play. if they have to play at o.
1:30 pm
we owe $19 trillion. i used to say 18. now it's 19. and it's only going up. how do you spent a million dollars doing a soccer field? you have a level piece of land. throw them a ball, let them play soccer. why are they playing soccer? its my question. the waste i get rid of, the waste that i get rid of, is going to have a huge impact, and i'm not even putting that in my numbers. so, i think it's going to be terrific. >> all right. attention, gitmo, enjoy that soccer field while you can. it's going away. one thing that was lost in this discussion of donald trump's ambitious tax package that many call reagan bacon, a top rate from 39% to 25% and potentially half the tax paying public not paying any income tax at all. he addressed the spending and the waste. lisa is monitoring that.
1:31 pm
jessica, slightly to the left of karl marx. so you're hearing this. you can't deny that spending is a big problem, and in a silly but an effective way he hoes how we just throw money away. >> i think he is completely correct to highlight the issue. i went back today and look at coburn's waste report. senator coburn put out. ridiculous thing hike $371,000 to look at whether women emotionally react differently to seeing a pet and their child. >> do you? >> i don't have a child or a pet. but i believe that when i am a mother, i will prefer my child to my pet. i don't know how that works. >> at a parent it depends on the day. >> go ahead. >> the point is there are things we can be looking at and he is right to draws attention to them and also draw attention to fact he is proposing to penal 400 billion decide to $600 million deporting the illegal immigrants. this is not a man who is afraid
1:32 pm
of waste. he talked about how he uses the tax code to his advantage because he likes money. >> he is kick -- i -- she is quite right to point out, lisa, that, look, the devil is in the detail and there's a lot of de -- not a lot of details here put one thing that resonated with me is the fact he knows full well that it has to be in hand with addressing spending and the waste and just the nonsense behind so much nonsense, and we do know that he reagan tax cuts generated enormous revenue but those guys, republicans and democrats all-spent that money and then so some. right? >> you're absolutely right to point out this is the big problem we have. the going to be enough money to satisfy what some democrats, even some republicans-want to spend in congress. if you look at president obama's fiscal year 2016 budget, it
1:33 pm
would have spent $4 trillion. i if you look at the policies from someone like bernie sanders, there's a writeup indicating his policies he has put forward will cost the country $18 trillion. we're talking about doubling our national debt with those kinds of policies and you don't have to look muff for -- >> he didn't exactly debunk -- >> -- >> public [overlapping speakers] >> i know a million dollar soccer field is going away dirks. >> pointing out a big problem. >> you're right. i like how that was done. >> absolutely. i rarely give donald trump credit for thing and this i one. >> you rarely give any republican credit. >> that's not true. lisa. i'm just kidding, jessica. >> i appreciate that today you said some democrats and some republicans were having a bipartisan day. but him going after what is going on at gitmo is smart because these are people we're holding in prison and there's --
1:34 pm
>> we should be holding them in prison. we're talking about the worst of the worst -- >> i'm tracking about that's ating argument that will stay we people. >> ow like he offered a plan and is aware we need tax cults and cut spending. >> and we have -- >> hold on, jessica, we need to look at waste, fraud and abuse. look at the dysfunction at the department of veterans -- >> ladies i wish we had more time but we haven exorcism to get to. charlie gasperino criticized the pope, and we have a good father and he is remarkable man and is going to try to save gasperino's soul. at mfs investment management, we believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform.
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>> was jesus a communist? the pope believes in liberation of theology. >> did you hear what he said about families and traditional marriage -- you pick and choose your facts, you're like "the new york times." you give italians a bad name. >> look at that. we got more e-mail on that segment, and i've had presidents 0 'the show. so says something about gasperino in his breslin da blair role. this weekem i got he pleasure of listing to a beautiful holm holmny and he talked about whether the pope is liberal or conservative, whether he has a view that is republican or democrat, and the gist of our remarks was no. >> carli is looking at the holy father from his suspect, his political aspect. >> i thought you would say
1:39 pm
something else. >> that's why charles says that. that's why so many other people say that. but the perspective of the holy father, even though he does come from argentina where there's a nasty form of capitalism -- that is did form his impression. >> just like living living in pd form john paul ii impression. >> forgive me father for i have sipped, it's been 47 years since my last confession. >> i'll give you an estimate. >> and i'm 53. what i don't get. this is a learned man, man that reads a lot, that is intellectually bright, and he equates or form of capitalism to the form of capitalism in argentina. he doesn't see the differences of what we do here and what we do there. this is an -- you to the this. you hang out with the wall street guys like i did. we go back, he and i.
1:40 pm
we know that the rich guys in this town, many of them -- there some are some bad apple but give so much become. they're a generous lot. >> you don't think the pope saw that? >> i don't think particulars ihe has distorted rue. >> he was talking about the evil odd capitalism. of socialism. >> communism was evil. capitalism of itself is not -- >> if duff agree what you said about the pope being a communist. he is a communist in the best sense on the word. we're meant to take care of each other in at the best sense. we're not talking about marxism or staninism. >> communism in the best sense is marxism and never worked. >> you applied it to his lectures on climate change. let me ask you this, father. did he pope have a role and responsibility to take sides on this issue? i interpreted it as him saying we don't own this planet. we are temporary stewards so we
1:41 pm
owe it to our children and grandparent to protect it. >> not only our children and grandchildren but you also owe to the environment itself, as a living, growing -- >> but he is the first pontiff who has again on board with climate change and that it's manmade. >> when we talk about climate change and being manmade in the speech stow united nations he depend mention the word climate once. >> he picks and chose his venue. >> but don't -- i guess what i want to. >> do you think he takes side? charlie doesn't listen to the stuff he said about family. >> yes i do. >> when i mentioned i dish. >> here's where -- >> linda player, you're lying. >> here's where i disagree with my progressive bernie sanders -- ex- -- >> my god. >> the progressives love him. >> and father no one loves him. >> there are priorities. i don't have a problem with the pope seeing climate change as an issue but i see clips being
1:42 pm
murdered in the middle east, i put that up top. i see -- >> did talk about that. >> it's buried in -- >> what do you young make of that? he has changed his tune on this. very different than what you said last week. you're a liar. i said the good father doesn't know you just lied. i father go ahead. >> failing journalism. >> what do you milwaukee of this he doesn't speak out enough. >> different venues, different times he spoke about -- >> he picks and chooses. >> maybe you weren't listening. don't know. >> the best time to bring up that to bring up the fact that cap yapism, the way it's practiced here hat given more wealth to poor people than maybe even the catholic church -- >> you just said he had to adjust to what happened to christians. >> barely messengers it. he mentioned climates change with president obama. he talks about income inequality when -- no offense but when this country has become more progressive, aisle e, under president obama, income
1:43 pm
inequality has grown. >> don't deflect. don't deflect. >> capam him -- >> system to. >> stick to the issue. father in all these multiple venues, the house or the house or u.n. of philadelphia. he had a different approach for each audience. should he have spoken more? >> permanently? personally? perhaps, yes. okay. >> careful, father. he watches this show. >> perhaps, yes. >> but that doesn't mick million a lefty or righty. >> it doesn't. again, the ideology that he is preaching is not leftist, rightist, democrat, conservative. his ideaol is very simple it's love, and everything he talks bit -- >> an alien concept to him. >> you said his ideology is communism in a sort of pure sense. >> i didn't si ideology.
1:44 pm
is he a communist. >> in it purity sense. >> father, let me ask -- if jesus christ were to come back today, and you -- excuse me labelings, republican, democrat, would he he be more liberal or disor wouldn't care. >> he wouldn't. his main purpose, as the holy father, as the great shepherd, the vic car of christ on etch is to breath the good knaus that god loves us and calls on to us love one another, and he loved so much -- >> does he love charlie? >> yes. >> yes. >> definitely. >> i why he loves me? i know that jesus is -- was and is -- i believe jesus is still alive -- is embodied in all of us dish it's dirk. >> apparently note pope. >> the pope tissue. >> you believe jesus is a capitalist. >> questions. >> he was a businessman. >> yes. >> his father was a businessman. >> and he believes in at the free market, believes in free will.
1:45 pm
believes in all the thing that makes this country great but the pope doesn't see that much of, and as great of map as the pope is, a man of love and everything, what he leaves out is -- >> you pick and choose what you think he leaves out. >> -- than they do anyplace in the world. >> gets back to what you side. people see things through the prism of their bias, and his bias is anything you do nice is liberal. >> i didn't make -- >> father, there is anything you can do here in the last few seconds we have to save his soul, help charlie? i want him to get to heaven. >> i can't save his soul. jesus does. but -- if you had your choice, would you? >> save his soul? >> yes. >> i love him with all my heart. >> can you perform exorcisms but the delve indiana. bernie sanders has taken over his sold. >> oh, boy. >> the good father is wondering, i had a choice. >> i'm going to get letters on this. >> -- about coming here.
1:46 pm
hold it, father, we have the vatican on line one for you. well, don't you think -- from a distance, quick look, linda blair. >> stick out your tongue. >> we will have much more after this. speaking of the pope. iphone sales are off the charts. there's a connection. you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage, horsepower torque ratios. three spreadsheets later you finally bring home the one. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy to raise your rates. maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. technology empowers us it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes
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all right. i want you to connect apple iphone 6s sales. these are people waiting to get their precious iphone. and crowds waiting for the pope. millions and millions waiting for the opportunity to see him. i know what you think.
1:50 pm
neal, how could you connect these two, someone drawn to man, someone drawn to gadgets? because people are drawn to what they like. that's all i'm saying, and what i noted there, katie, is if it's worth the wait, it's worth the trip, it's worth our time, whether you're buying something you really like or wanting to listen to someone you really like. what do you think? >> absolutely. i heard that actually you were in line to take a picture of the pope, but it was really for the iphone. >> for the iphone 6s, that's exactly right. you are brilliant, young lady. scott, i'm looking at that and focusing on the iphone for a second, we are told in areas that the pope was going to visit, sales would be delayed, a lot of folks wouldn't get their phones, but apparently 13 million-plus did. what do you think of that? >> it's pretty impressive. the stock was down today and it was probably a bad market, but
1:51 pm
neil, think about everything you need in your daily life: food, shelter and technology. apple is a big part of that. apple is a part of technology as far as your music devices and so forth, so it's no wonder they make these sales. the problem is these days, they have built up expectations so heavy for these products, the iphone, the iwatch, that if they don't blow away the expectations like they used to, guess what? >> these numbers, stunning the impressive as they are, owe more to what? >> absolutely, and they're higher than wall street estimates, and we can say people may not be impressed, but they did break pre-order sales. i have to see this is all attributed to brand loyalty. if you look at the data and the research, apple sits number one for both smartphones and tablets in brand loyalty. brand loyalty and different
1:52 pm
geographical locations. when it launched last year, china was not included in that. china included in this week's launch. so a lot of numbers could be attributed to that, but i did talk holiday to you on the break. i think it's important to share that when the numbers are so high, it's an indicator of how high the holiday sales will be. they're going to also pick up that 6s when they get their tablet. >> it's good to center on the consumer, that he or she will buy if there's reason enough to buy something, if it's a compelling enough product. what do you think? >> they will, and i think you could argue is it discretionary money to buy that type of device or something they use for everyday expenses. katie mentioned the ipro. that's kind of a forgotten piece of what apple has done, but i
1:53 pm
think it's a great product. apple is looking to the future of what a product can bring, and i don't think they have done it yet. >> i completely disagree, and i think the watch has sold completely well. apple is smart. that baby is going to sell like hotcakes. >> we're not talking about the apple tv, though. >> the apple tv will sell incredibly well over the holiday. >> no, that's stupid. >> i would love to have that conversation during that time when it launches. once october hits and it's out -- >> the apple tv is stupid, says the pope. >> i typically agree with what the pope says. >> you guys, thank you very much. no offense to the pope. when we come back, we're just minutes now ahead of what could be a very intense meeting between the president of the united states and the president of russia. to be a fly in that room.
1:54 pm
actually, we do have a fly in that room, next.
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the united nations minutes away from the president of russia and the president of the united states meeting face to face. the last time they had a little powwow together -- well, this picture says it all. they didn't seem happy to be with each other, but that could be just me. in this particular pairing in a meeting that was asked for by mr. putin, it is the russian leader who has the upper hand. >> well, obama's policy in the middle east, neil, is absolutely abominable. it's a failure. isis has taken over a large swath of iraq. our syrian rebels, general austin says we have four after spending about 10 million per each. iraqi security forces haven't retain a single city since last summer. and then you look at putin. putin has an air base now in
1:58 pm
syria, putin is running naval operations offshore -- >> but obama is doing more than that, he's linking up with iran and iraq and syria to combat isis. it might be a crazy plan, but it's the only plan on the table. >> it's the only plan on the table, and it's probably going to work because he's trying to tout out a spot, a butcher of 250,000 plus, as a hero and the only stability hope in the region. so he and iran are nesting together, working with hezbollah, and they're even negotiating, interestingly, with israelis on the side to deconflict the oncoming conflict. so we have a president -- >> wouldn't we like that, though? we hate assad, but we hate isis more, right? >> well, we do hate isis and isis is a butcher. here putin is going to look just phenomenal. after all, there is a christian genocide going on, and who is going to win for the christians
1:59 pm
in this case will be vladimir putin, not barack obama. then, of course, you're going to have kind of a proxy government that will be installed in syria, and what's that going to look like? it will be of putin's choosing. he already has a crew in baghdad, so we have the entire region in a flame and it looks like putin will ride in on a white horse to save everybody. >> i think putin is worried. the slide in oil which continued today, that's his currency, and he's trying to deflect. i think he's like oz, the goofball behind the curtain who was trying to deflect attention, and his big worry is oil. and that's going to hurt. >> well, there's no question oil is going to hurt him, and arms sales in the middle east. he wants to leverage whatever he can. he's doing this as much as he can on the cheap, and we have to recognize that, but he is going to come out, unfortunately, as a winner and it's going to hurt us. >> always a pleasure, sir. thank you for your honorable
2:00 pm
service. we'll meet again in about 15 seconds when these two get in the room. in all the craziness in our world, mars, they found water there. which means if things are really turning south fast here, everyone, first rocket to mars, i'm almost done building it. hello, everyone, geraldo rivera, dana. a fox news alert. at any moment president obama is supposed to sit down with russian president vladimir putin for their first face to face meeting in nearly a year. this is putin's first trip to america since his country seized control of crimea in ukraine. both he and obama delivered speeches today before the u.n. general assembly offering sharply different views in resolving the crisis in syria. putin did an interview that aired yesterday on "60 minutes." he was asked to talk about obama's leadership, but


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